Welcome to our Ketheric Healing home page! My name is Kir-aha, and I am the founder of the Gateway Systems (Gateway Academy of Light), the Ketheric System, and the Blueprint Reset System, originally known as Matrix Recalibration. I am a stargate keeper, quantum and nuclear energy worker, conduit for the Ultimate Light, and first born Elohim (Oraphim). It is due to my lineage that I am able to bring through the most advanced light technology that is available to us, at this momentous time. This is being given to us through these three systems, and the latest ‘Plasma Light System’… I and my team of Activators/Masters, are dedicated to helping you to express your highest light potential.   

Ascension Light

The Ketheric System, empowers us to connect with ‘Source’ Energy, and to alter causal plane activity which has occurred on other timelines. This is a nuclear energy, unlike other quantum energy systems, such as the Gateway Systems. Similar to the Gateway Energy, this energy works outside of time and space, and is not governed by these laws.

We were not previously able to energy match these amazing frequencies alas, until now. This is an indication of how much we have truly grown as a species, and how much more light we are now able to hold, within our earth vessels!

This energy is a recent visitor to the Earth Plane, and has been given to us at exactly the right time, to assist us in our spiritual growth. Thankfully it is now here to stay, and has already changed the lives of many significantly! It’s main purpose is to reestablish our original Light Matrix, the one that was given to us by our benevolent Creators, removing all traces of misalignment that have come into being as a result of our miscreations, from experiences within the denser, dark energy fields, of existence. 

We are at the beginning of huge changes, that will involve an evolutionary leap, of epic proportions, for Humanity. We have fully explored the heavy dimensional fields, and are more than ready to move into a much lighter and more expanded energy expression.

The Ketheric System provides a download link for the codes of ‘Source’ energy, that will reset our Causal Body to its original template settings, thereby eradicating the causes and energy signatures that have developed over time, which have weakened our physical vehicles, through their misalignment.

If you are dedicated to helping to transition this world to Light, why not join us here? Many special souls have recognized the importance of this energy work, and have become Healers and Activators. You will find them listed in the Directory here. If you would like to become a Ketheric Healer yourself, and be able to transmit this energy, please visit me to book your System download!  Why not Book Now.

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