Hi, My name is Constance. I am from Singapore. I am a blue ray twin flame. It was at the age of 18, that I was drawn towards metaphysical stuff . My spiritual awakening was in 2016 after I had met my twin. This strengthened my psychic/ spiritual abilities. I had had precognitive visions for years before I met my twin, and also gone through the dark night of the soul. My psychic abilities include clairvoyance, channeling, energy healing, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairalience/clairscent. My aim is to serve humanity with my spiritual and psychic abilities.


I got to know about the gateway energy through a Facebook friend, and was very eager to experience it. I immediately joined the ‘ Gateway Systems’ group, to experience the gateway frequencies. The gateway energy was something I have never experienced before. It was so powerful, that I have decided to become one of the Gateway Activators myself. I am now also a qualified Ketheric Healer, and will be offering both attunements for anyone who would also like to experience these frequencies! You may contact me through constancetan.hp@gmail.com. 

Please visit my website here:  https://illuminedtwinflame.weebly.com/services-constance.html

Love & Light💖
Thank you so much! That was something else. I never had anything like that done before.  Thank you I appreciate it and what you are doing…..           Dontae Funk
I feel great!  I had lucid visions but my third eye opened wide.   I think I kept receiving a little.  I just came to with this noise in my head like a sucking noise.    Yaay!  I feel energized. I saw it spinning (3rd eye). I feel light headed.  At first I saw stars all around me then my third eye opened. Cool!  I feel Light in my body too. Like lighter in my body.  Refreshed….. Meg Colvert
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Hi Constance. Thank you so much!!
I could really feel it, my whole body was vibrating and I could see these spheres of light. I really totally enjoyed the session.
Have a great day. Thanks again for taking the time to do this for me.. Blessings to you ………………. Brenda
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Thank you so much Constance
That was totally amazing!! 
I could feel the palms of my hands pulsating when you first started sending , then there were spheres of dark purple and lighter purple coming in and out very calm and peaceful feelings.there were rainbow rays of light going thru my body especially thru my heart throat and solar plexus areas. The top of my head felt a lot of pressure.
Then I saw myself walking thru a field of golden wheat it was up to my shoulders. I saw a large dome gateway in the distance I walked towards it and there were three steps going up to it!  It was a silvery platinum colour with stars bursting around it and it looked like it was in outer space. Then the most incredible thing happened, it was like an invisible hand pulled  me up the stairs to the middle of the gate.
Then all these rays of light were coming thru every part of my body. Then the wind started blowing and I came back.
Wow!! I must say this was an incredible experience!!
Thank you so much and for taking the time to do the attunements for me!! You have such fascinating energy!!
This is totally amazing!! You’re awesome!!
Blessings of love and light to you!!
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That was very nice, thank you so much! The healer beings that were assisting actually arrived a minute or two before you began, the connection had already begun. The dialog started first with the beings present explaining a bit of what was going on and that all the agreements were in place. then after a short alignment the 3rd eye came fully online and I was instructed to stay in that state for the duration of the exchange. Then after 8 minutes the other systems became aligned/integrated working there way through to root chakra then beyond to Earths Core. The connection was firmly grounded and activated. the last 10 minutes or so was spent connecting other things for other works to be done later.
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Hello Constance… I just wanted to personally thank you for reaching out to do an attunement !!! Sending and receiving with these energies is just no words to express the honor and gratitude , thank You ,, such energy received ,,, Thank you so much with wisdom  !!!! ♥️
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I’ve had a ton of stuck energy in my body, I noticed a big shift in that.  I could feel it clear as day, very awesome
Sam Antha