The Ketheric Energy is an equalizer, a balancer of all states of being. It returns all things to their innate harmony and perfection, and can be deployed for the treatment of any condition, issue, or malaise.

Using your intention only, as a Ketheric Activator/Healer, you are able to trigger the energy into action, in order to achieve the desired results, and speedily transform these issues, dissolving them into light.

The Ketheric Matrix is now established for the Planet, and will yield many wonderful changes for you all.creating with the ketheric energy Source is transmitting its light through the Ketheric Field, to restore all things to balance and harmony. All past miasmas, all miscreations, all abominations, will be returned to the Light. The time for the dark spectrum is at a close. This energy has been activated in alignment with these cyclical changes, and is ready to transition you all, to a greater light expression.

If you wish to know more about, experience, or be able to transmit the Ketheric Energy, please visit here.




Creating Inner and Outer Balance with the Ketheric Energy
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