Your Directory of Ketheric Healers


Below there is a directory of the Ketheric  Healers. They are also Gateway Activators who are currently empowered to transmit the Gateway Energy. They are international energy workers, and are fully qualified in their work. All are starseeds, who have come here to help to transition this world to the Light! Many, like myself, are here from future realities, other Universes, and parallel timelines. Each one brings their own special and unique gifts, to share with us here. Each Healer/Activator has received at least one or more of the systems, and is able to create life changing experiences within you all. Upgrading your energy matrices to the faster, higher frequencies of light. Please click on any of their pictures in this directory, to see their personal page, and, or book an attunement.

 The list of activators is growing! Many more of you are waking up to the higher, faster frequencies of light. You are realizing the enormous potential that these energies bring, and also the need to take personal responsibility for your spiritual growth, by updating your own energy matrices. We are after all bio computers, beings of light encased in our bio suits. We think nothing of updating our computer devices, to maintain their operating systems, and achieve maximum efficiency, so how much more time should we devote to looking after ourselves. We deserve it don’t we?!  

Below is a list of more Ketheric Healers who do not have a personal page here as yet. 

Angelina Arciero, (Canada)… Brigitte Feaster, (US)… Greer Palloo, (Canada)… Sonia Samson, (Germany)… Sheila Ordell, (UK)… Charlene Ramjohn, (Africa)… Joseph Maksabo, (US)… Leticia Nicholson, (US)… Lizz Mason, (US)…  Melissa Aubil, (USA)… Michele Hanson-O’Reggio … Pravallika Satti … Ann Marie Mandile (AUS) … Boom Kritchanon (US) … Emilie Tonkin (AUS)… Ina Luttjeboer (Holland, see her page here) Please note that only those whose names are listed in the picture gallery, and above, are genuine certified ‘Ketheric  Healers’!     

If you would like to contact me, regarding this work, please use my mailbox, thank you.