My name is Inger, or Soli Antara ( this is my Starname)
I have worked with energies my entire life, as I am one of those who came down with many memories intact and an opening to Spirit.

inger's gateway ascension portal

My connection to the Gateway happened in the autumn of 2016 when a Russian Facebook friend sent me a link to a Gateway transmission. I loved the clarity in the energy, and when I was offered a free session from Sian (Gateway Light) ..that was my opening into becoming an activator myself. I was given the invitation from the Andromedan Avatars to work with them in this way and I talked to Sweet Kira and got my attunement. Since then it has just expanded!!
I love the simplicity and clarity one experiences with the Gateway energy. It is precise, it’s direct and it’s simple. Anyone can benefit from it, whatever level they are at. And my clients come again ..and again..and again…because it works 💖

I have worked with Past Life therapy, healing, meditation groups, dreams, channelings, aspectology, sound healing, light language, sexual abuse, 11:11 energies, massage, channeling mandalas and art, just to mention a few. My main passion has always been to assist us in becoming our True Selves again, to see through the patterns of duality and to bridge Heaven and Earth.
In recent years I have let go of many of the things I used to work with in order to focus more of my energy to help to create a new reality here based upon love and mutual respect.
I believe in humanity and that we can make this shift. After all..we all have common goals..peace, love, enough abundance to sustain a healthy living….respect for all life and the desire to awaken to who we Truly Are.
Besides giving Gateway Attunements, my main work now is also with Dragon Energy, Dragon Portals, New Earth grids, light language, Cities of Light and channeling info into art and however Spirit chooses to express through me.

Please contact me, Inger, below. Donations preferred through PayPal, thank you!