Realign Yourself with ‘Source’


Ketheric Healing draws down the energy of Source. The energy is imprinted with the nuclear codes of Creation, operating at the causal level. It realigns the geometry of all cellular structures, with its original template settings, thus regenerating and restoring the body back to basics, to its true intended form.


The essence creates the atomic and subatomic changes that are responsible for your growth. Its templates hold the light filaments that comprise your Being. Your cellular changes are effected by this force, into becoming new forms of light within the fractal spheres. These are your states of embodiment, representing different levels of awareness.


You hold this nuclear force within you, at the very Centre of your Being. The Oversoul is created by this Light, and it is this which carries your blueprints, the basic design for Health and Wellbeing. Those who are able to tap into this force, are empowered to return you to your original design, as the Creator intended it to be. The galaxies and stars are designed by this force. It is the Mind of God in Creation, within the heart of every cellular structure.

ketheric healing

The Ketheric Healers are drawing down the energy of Source into the auric fields of an individual. This energy connects the individual with their Causal Bodies, creating a download link for the transference of healing and a resetting of the causal body back to its original blueprint. The cause of illness is removed, and thus restoration of the physical vehicle occurs.


Some of the Ketheric Healers on this site, are also qualified Gateway Activators… Please visit this site’s Directory here, to view their individual listing and their skills and gifts. If you wish to experience a Ketheric Healing session from myself, please book here. There is also a package of three sessions, for £110, you can book this here.  If you would like to become a Ketheric Healer yourself, to use this skill to heal and upgrade humanity, and assist in its Ascension, please book below..

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