Hi, my name is Ruth. I first met K-Dee (Kira), over twenty years ago, when her friends came to me for a reading. My tape recorder wouldn’t record their readings, so they gave the tape to Kira to try, though she hadn’t planned to have a reading herself, and had just come along to support them. Of course the Universe had a plan, and her reading taped! It contained information about her work, and my galactic guides told her about her first channelled book, the ‘Book Of Life’. We used to regularly meet up as a group, until 2000, when the group disbanded.  Then Kira and I reconnected around nine years ago, just before she started doing her current energy work, which  now includes the Gateway Systems and attunements.

ruth's gateway portal

Back in the 70’s, I started off doing mediumship at the spooky church! Also spiritual healing. Thus began my energy work. My first guides were the galactic ones that I’ve mentioned, who gave me a lot of information about the coming Earth changes.

Kira introduced me to Reiki, so I became a Reiki Master. I did aromatherapy, reflexology, and my best love is crystals. More recently I brought through planetary healing and the Golden Skull Attunement. Then myself and Sian (Gateway Light), began working with Lord Ashtar.

Just lately I have been working with the nine energy bodies. The Karmic Body, including the Ketheric Body, which is the blueprint of the body.

It’s really good to share this work. Kira has been a very good friend. I’m so pleased that the Gateway is growing, so more people will be helped. I believe people will use energy work for healing rather than medicine. I still do readings, Galactic, Soul, Past Life and Mediumistic….

I’m not on computer, but you can contact me by phone on 01455 824072 (UK). You can find me in ‘Yell.com’ under Ruth Woolnough, they have given me a 5 star rating apparently!