The Causal Body is a body of limitless capacity, since it holds the dynamics of your experience. It holds the key codes and creations of all, within its matrix.. As a being of limitless potential, your causal body serves your highest needs, as an incarnating Soul, one that seeks expansion and light. Growth is achieved through the experiential fields of life, the dramas which are played out upon the Earth stage. These are the experiences that leave energetic markers within the Causal Body, which over time changes its energetic signature. Though the expansion process is assisted in this way, there is a corruption of data taking place, which eventually misaligns the causal construct, from its original intended design, as a vehicle of ‘Source’ light…


The link to ‘Source’ however, remains intact, and can be reestablished easily, for the restoration of your vehicles of expression.. This link can be made through the Ketheric Energy, which activates the Ketheric Template of Being, bringing it into alignment with your Causal Body. In this way a reset occurs, so that the Causal Body will be restored, and the effects of miscreation erased. A download link is all that is necessary for this to occur. This link is provided by the Ketheric Activators, who act as a bridge between ‘Source’, and the receiver of the Ketheric Energy.. You are living in the time of Empowerment, the time of Restoration, and Elevation.. These tools have been given to you for this purpose…

The Causal Body and The Ketheric Template
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